Interior Painting

Can really bring your home to life. It really makes a difference on the eyes it can dramatically improve the feel of a living room, bedroom, or any room in the house. However, a paint job is only as good as the painter doing the job. We can perform a professional paint job from start to finish. We do all types of interior paint jobs from residential properties, apartments even condos and more.


1. Schedule
Our team will arrive each morning at the agreed upon time. Working a standard eight hour day. Weather permitted, our crew we be back every day until your project is finished – no sporadic scheduling or unpredictable stops and starts.


2. Respect for Your Property
Our first priority is protecting your home. We begin with moving everything in the middle of the work space and work in a way that inspires confidence. Then, we will begin by masking off surrounding areas with clean, plastic sheathing to contain any potential dust. Next, your furniture and floors are covered with plastic or fresh drop cloths.

3. Preparation for Desired look 
Cheap prep gets you a cheap final, surface preparation is an essential part of the process.  From cleaning walls or baseboards with TSP to patching any and all surfaces and then, prime all appropriate areas to cover repairs, discoloration, or stains. To give your costumer the desired look.

4. Skillful Repairs
The difference between a disappointing paint job and a desired painted job, comes from the preparations and repairs. These repairs can include:

  • Drywall repair.
  • Texturing repair to match original surface. And Knock downs
  • Repair or install baseboards.
  • Repair sheetrock or plaster.
  • Repair or sand peeling or cracking paint.
  • Caulking Seams and Casing
  • Priming
  • Staining doors or special items
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5. Priming & Painting
Finishing up with the prep and the repairs. We can now move on to the next part, priming the surfaces (where is needed) or on contract. This will offer the extra level of durability and strength or everyday wear and tear. We provide color selections and color matching. The topcoat will be the appropriate sheen or flat for the desired looked.

6. The Daily Clean-ups
At the end of each day our team will clean-up the process from the days work.

7. A Final Walk-through
The final step of your interior painting process is the final walk-through. During this time we address any questions you might have, and to ensure that the finished product meets your standards as well as OURS!

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A4 Painting offers a full service from a simple painting of a wall to the intricate detail of an old Victorian house also available protecting and enhancing your property, These will include:

  • Wallpaper removal
  • Carpentry services
  • Paint color consultation services
  • We use premium paints
  • We are fully licensed and insured