Exterior Painting

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Time to protect one of your families investment and enhance your home with a new paint job. The stage may vary but this is the basic stage to painting an exterior.


1. Schedule
Our team will arrive each morning at the agreed upon time. Working a standard eight hour day. Weather permitted, our crew we be back every day until your project is finished – no sporadic scheduling or unpredictable stops and starts.

2. Washing Stage
A surface must be free of visible dirt, mildew or mold. We achieve this by power washing or washing by hand where is needed.


3. Respect for Your Property
Our first priority is protecting your home. We begin with moving everything away from the structure(s). Then, we will remove all items or decorations on or around structure(s). Followed by drop cloths over plants and shrubs and or yard furniture.


4. Surface Preparations
The difference between a bad paint job and one that endures the weather and conditions aw well as hold it’s beauty. It is all found in the passion of our painters from surface preparation to these essential steps below:

  • Priming Raw wood
  • Drive down lose nails
  • Scrap away or wire brush loose paint or cracked paint
  • Stucco patching
  • Sand all high-gloss area.
  • Plastic all windows and other items
  • If in proposal light sand garage for paint.

5. Caulk and Putty
This is one of the most important parts of the project. Caulking fills and seals any of the holes or gaps. Protecting your home from both pest and rodents as well as water intrusion.

Puttying is the process of filling any small holes in your siding, allowing a flawless, smooth finish. Mostly woodpeckers holes.


6. Priming Stage
Priming is the foundation that your paint is built on, allowing for secure adhesion, coverage of any repairs or blemishes, and durability. We use only high-quality products that we know from experience will perform as need to, maximizing the value and benefits for your home.

7. Painting Stage
During this stage we offer color consultations (if needed). We also discuss the application techniques, how the body is sprayed with airless sprayer and more. Each project is not the same. A4 Painting carefully analyze and puts together the very best plan of action for your specific property.


8. Trim and Fascia Stage
All the trim and the fascia boards are rolled and hand painted. For the desired look apply two to three coats. Better produces will last longer in the weather.

9. The Daily Clean-ups
At the end of each day our crew will clean-up the process from the days work. Paint and materials are to be stored in shady area out of driveway or traffic area.

10. Inspect
Once a crew member has done the critiquing and detail work. They go back over the project with fresh eyes to look for the undesirable areas.

11. A Final Walk-through
The final step of your exterior painting process is the final walk-through. During this time we address any questions you might have, and to ensure that the finished product meets your standards as well as OURS!


A4 Painting offers a full service from a simple painting of a wall to the intricate detail of an old Victorian house also available protecting and enhancing your property, These will include:

  • Carpentry services
  • Paint color consultation services
  • We use premium paints
  • We are fully licensed and insured